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​​"Chronic stress, unhealthy eating patterns, low cardiovascular function, low immune function, prolonged feelings of anxiety, and many other conditions associated with our modern lifestyle  can be treated and healed with regular yoga practice. Yoga poses work to literally change the mind's established patterns, replacing negative networks and pathways in the brain with healthy, happy patterns." -MacGreggor, Kino. (2013). The Power of Ashtanga Yoga. Boston: Shambhala Publications, Inc.

  Interested in Yoga? I'm here to  help facilitate your personal  practice. The beauty of Yoga is  that it's just as challenging for  the mind as it is the body. You  will learn how to breath  properly,  notice reduced  aches  and pain, and realize how strong  and capable you really  are. Times/Availability vary so  please provide contact
 information.  These sessions will  be catered specifically to you  and your wellness goals. 

        $85: 60 minutes for 1-2 Yogis

  $127: 120 minutes for 1-2 Yogis

  ($15 per person after the initial 2)